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David Wright on the new T-pylon

David Wright, Director of Electricity Transmsission, has written an article on the new T-pylon for National Grid Connecting.

“The T-pylon offers a modern, sleek and slender alternative to traditional designs. It is designed so that we can route overhead cables by following the contours of the land.”

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  1. Simon Stacey /

    I think they are a fantastic idea and would like to offer our companies services to assist in the erection and maintenance of these T Pylon towers. We have work for many years in the Electricity Alliance and direct for National Grid and feel that we as a company will be able to offer solutions for working at height. I would like to arrange a meeting at your convenience to discuss your project in more detail and how we may best assist you in this project.

    I look forward to hearing from you in the very near future.

    Kind Regards


  2. D J /

    There’s a new power station planned for Wrexham. Does the National Grid offer the T Pylon to new plans?

  3. BidServices /

    This is really good. Obviously,T-pylon’s modern design is more reliable and efficient than the traditional one.

  4. Richard Crallan /

    The new design is a vast improvement on the traditional versions. Will the National Grid consider using them for the whole of the Mid Wales Connection Project?

    Presumably they won’t actually be white? The traditional grey is equally unattractive.Will the National Grid consider making them dark green so that they are less obvious?


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