The future of energy transmission

We’re making a massive investment in our Transmission business to update and extend our electricity and gas transmission and distribution networks – including overhead lines, pipes, substations and other infrastructure projects. With £3.9 billion worth of planned capital investment, we’re creating a range of exciting and challenging opportunities for skilled and talented people like you.

Whatever your background, you’ll make the most of your expertise on high profile, high impact projects. As a global leader in innovation your work will help to set national and international standards, informing renewable energy source projects and developments around the world.

Whether you’re working in our Asset Management, Network Operations, or Construction divisions, and whichever role you join us in from Substation Technician to Power System Engineer, you’ll be vitally important to our ongoing work. You’ll help to prepare our business – and the environment – for the future. As you help us achieve our goals, we’ll make sure that you enjoy plenty of opportunities for successful development too.

Within Transmission we also have our Commercial Team, they input into the development and operation on the UK regulatory framework and associated industry codes. The team also manage the relationships and contractual arrangements with our customers, and develop demand / supply forecasts to ensure our commercial and financial interests are protected.

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